Major Websites to watch FIFA 2014 Online

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01 Useful Website – Flip Text

I was wondering about billions of websites in the internet. They may be useful or not. Many become famous. Many go unnoticed. Here from today, I am posting about useful website every... Read more »
google slides tips and tricks

4 Google Slides Tips and Tricks that you should know

Google Slides is pacing in today’s world to replace the good old Microsoft Excel as a Office Productivity tool. Since its free of cost and part of the Google Community, millions of... Read more »

Mute Stories and Posts in Instagram

Finally, Instagram is bringing out a new way to mute some of those really annoying posts and stories. People have been long expecting this feature to be added to Instagram considering the... Read more »
read later

How to read posts later in Facebook?

Similar to services like Pocket & Reading List in Safari, Facebook has its own feature built-in that allows you to save posts and read them later. This feature is very simple to... Read more »

TinyCards by DuoLingo – Future of learning

I am always fanatic about companies, platforms and products that help people improve skill sets like Lynda, Udemy, Udacity, DuoLingo, Memrise and many more. I personally use most of these tools to gather... Read more »
apps college students

10 Apps every College Student must use

College students today are lucky enough to use technology to carry out their daily business. Thousands of tools and platforms are available which will help you to be a better student. All... Read more »

Why & How to clear cache in Mac OS & iOS Safari ?

Safari is the built-in browser in Mac OS & iOS which is pretty popular among Apple products users. The first time you visit any site, the browser will save information from the site so that... Read more »

Transfer files from your Computer to your phone over Wifi

Portal is a application that helps to transfer files from computer to your smartphone. Both the devices have to be connected to the same Wifi network for this feature to work.  ... Read more »

Medium brings its own version of Snapchat-like story but it doesn’t expire in 24 hours

Medium, the cleanest publishing platform is taking a move forward in the tech industry by bringing its own flavor of Stories already implemented by Snapchat, Instagram & WhatsApp.    Series allows the users to... Read more »