WhatsApp payments missing in iPhone/Android

WhatsApp payments feature was introduced a couple of months ago. But there has been a lot of concerns regarding the Payments setup option missing from the app. There is a two-step fix... Read more »

TinyCards by DuoLingo – Future of learning

I am always fanatic about companies, platforms and products that help people improve skill sets like Lynda, Udemy, Udacity, DuoLingo, Memrise and many more. I personally use most of these tools to gather... Read more »
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10 Apps every College Student must use

College students today are lucky enough to use technology to carry out their daily business. Thousands of tools and platforms are available which will help you to be a better student. All... Read more »

Symmetria : Simple fun game for Android/iOS

This is probably the first time I am writing an article about a game. I am not a game person but Symmetria is something that I enjoyed playing recently.      This is... Read more »

Transfer files from your Computer to your phone over Wifi

Portal is a application that helps to transfer files from computer to your smartphone. Both the devices have to be connected to the same Wifi network for this feature to work.  ... Read more »

Amazon Chime: Yet another Video Conferencing tool

On Valentine’s day, Amazon has come up with yet another cloud based video conferencing tool similar to Skype, Microsoft Sync, Cisco Spark, WebEx, Google Hangouts. Chime is believed to make video conferencing easy-to-use, less expensive... Read more »

Review: Reverse Dictionary for Android

This is probably a not famous app that I am posting about. This is solely because of the idea. Reverse Dictionary is an app that might seem like a thesaurus but its... Read more »

Review: KitchenStories for iOS, Android and the Web

The app that we are going to look today is one of the most unique and hottest application in the world today. Its the coolest cooking tutorial that you will ever find.... Read more »

Best Android Apps of the week – July

And now, its been a new month and the whole world is anticipated about the new Google Lollipop version update and everyone has started asking,”What’s new?!?!”. Anticipation leads to knowledge and I... Read more »

Review: Google I/0 2014

Google recently announced its new app called Google I/O 2014 to reach out their tech videos and discussions to the users. You can download the app from the Google Play store by... Read more »