01 Useful Website – Flip Text

I was wondering about billions of websites in the internet. They may be useful or not. Many become famous. Many go unnoticed. Here from today, I am posting about useful website every... Read more »

Google Tango – Path to New Tech

Google has always been a step ahead working in projects of future. Google announced the Project Tango Development Kit on June 5, 2014. It’s a slate like device with embedded motion tracking and depth... Read more »

iPhone 6S – NFC, Wireless Charging and lot more

It has always been an anticipation for everyone when Apple unboxes adds new features and extended services to newer versions of its every product. The world is now expecting the new iphone... Read more »

DropBox Buys Droptalk – Why? why? why?

Dropbox, the successful cloud storage company has recently acquired stealth messaging startup Droptalk. Its not because both the names has “Drop” in it. No one will do billion dollar deals for buying... Read more »

Oppo Smartphones – I bet you have no Idea how amazing these are..

Oppo Smartphones are produced by Oppo Electronics, a electronics manufacturer based on China. The company was founded in 2004. The major products before introducing smartphones were MP3 players, portable media players, DVD,... Read more »

Hidden wallpapers in Windows 7 – Windows Explored

Have you ever thought of finding out whats hidden inside the operating system. I was wondering too. And so, I started exploring what’s inside. I found a bunch of wallpapers hidden inside... Read more »

How to password protect your PDF file?

Portable Document Format has become an inevitable part of our digital life. Officials documents needs security. So protecting your documents with password is very essential. But how to password protect your document??... Read more »

Top 10 Android Apps – June 2014

In the enormously growing android market, developers are trying very hard to develop an app that could possibly be unique, work reducing, compatible, stable, consistent application. Oh God?!? thats a whole lot... Read more »

Asus Transformer Book – All in One

Asus has recently introduced what it describes as an All in One Device. As the same suggests, the device is a laptop, Tablet and a Smartphone.  Asus Transformer Book Trio Amazing, isn’t... Read more »

Apple’s swift Language – Focusing Developers

You might wonder that programming language is something that geeks or computer engineers of high end use to do whatsoever that you might not understand. The matter of fact, its true. For... Read more »