change text size Mac

How to change text size in your Mac? – TechChronikle

Like me, Do you think small font size looks better in a Mac ? If so, this is how to change the text size in your macOS. How to change text size... Read more »
take a break

Youtube is telling you to take a break

Seriously, you got to take a break. Google, as part of its newest range of new concepts, features and ideas, has come up with a lot of new features for the digital... Read more »

Best websites to convert youtube videos to mp3

There are a huge number of options online to convert youtube videos to mp3 or other media formats. I have listed below a couple of websites that I very commonly use all... Read more »

WhatsApp payments missing in iPhone/Android

WhatsApp payments feature was introduced a couple of months ago. But there has been a lot of concerns regarding the Payments setup option missing from the app. There is a two-step fix... Read more »

How to use WhatsApp Web in Your iPad

WhatsApp is most widely used instant messaging application in the world. People are very accustomed to using WhatsApp even in Desktop/Web. But, as of now, there are no options to use WhatsApp... Read more »

How to access Library folder in macOS?

The Library folder is hidden by default in macOS Sierra. For normal light users, this might be okay. But, some power users might have to access these folders for their work. This... Read more »
read later

How to read posts later in Facebook?

Similar to services like Pocket & Reading List in Safari, Facebook has its own feature built-in that allows you to save posts and read them later. This feature is very simple to... Read more »

How to Download a copy of your entire Facebook Data?

Facebook has a feature that is built-in which allows the users to download all their user data. This includes photos, videos, activity log and other information about accessing your account. How to... Read more »

How to find out if someone else is using your Facebook account ?

Do you want to know if someone else is using your Facebook account and keeping silent about it? There’s a way to find out from which device & location that person is... Read more »

TinyCards by DuoLingo – Future of learning

I am always fanatic about companies, platforms and products that help people improve skill sets like Lynda, Udemy, Udacity, DuoLingo, Memrise and many more. I personally use most of these tools to gather... Read more »