iOS 12 features

iOS 12 features that will be really useful

Apple has released the developer’s beta for the iOS 12 operating system. Even though it pains me to say this, iOS is adopting a couple of really good features from Android. There... Read more »

How to check Battery Health in macOS?

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3D Touch features

How to make good use of 3D Touch features in iOS?

The 3D Touch was introduced back in iPhone 6s. The problem with 3D Touch features is that not a lot of users are aware of the options that are brought by this... Read more »

Know all about the new Gmail features

Google has recently released a newer version of Gmail with advanced AI features that helps the users to communicate better. The features include snooze, Confidential mode, Smart Compose, Smart Reply and some... Read more »
google slides tips and tricks

4 Google Slides Tips and Tricks that you should know

Google Slides is pacing in today’s world to replace the good old Microsoft Excel as a Office Productivity tool. Since its free of cost and part of the Google Community, millions of... Read more »

Mute Stories and Posts in Instagram

Finally, Instagram is bringing out a new way to mute some of those really annoying posts and stories. People have been long expecting this feature to be added to Instagram considering the... Read more »

Whatsapp Group Chats gets some new improvements

WhatsApp has rolled out the new features in Group Chats earlier this week. In a blog post, features including admin privileges and catching up with mentions in the group are mentioned as... Read more »

Open many websites in Chrome at the same time

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change text size Mac

How to change text size in your Mac? – TechChronikle

Like me, Do you think small font size looks better in a Mac ? If so, this is how to change the text size in your macOS. How to change text size... Read more »
take a break

Youtube is telling you to take a break

Seriously, you got to take a break. Google, as part of its newest range of new concepts, features and ideas, has come up with a lot of new features for the digital... Read more »