dark mode

How to use Dark Mode in macOS Mojave?

Dark & Light Theme has been added as options to major operating systems in most of the platforms. Dark Mode in macOS Mojave is Apple’s first step into the Appearance settings area.... Read more »

How to check Battery Health in macOS?

Have you noticed your battery backup time has reduced recently? if so, you can check the battery health of your MacBook or iMac. How to check Battery Health in macOS? In the... Read more »

How to access Library folder in macOS?

The Library folder is hidden by default in macOS Sierra. For normal light users, this might be okay. But, some power users might have to access these folders for their work. This... Read more »
change text size Mac

How to change text size in your Mac? – TechChronikle

Like me, Do you think small font size looks better in a Mac ? If so, this is how to change the text size in your macOS. How to change text size... Read more »

How to use WhatsApp Web in Your iPad

WhatsApp is most widely used instant messaging application in the world. People are very accustomed to using WhatsApp even in Desktop/Web. But, as of now, there are no options to use WhatsApp... Read more »
format usb

How for format your USB drive in Mac OS?

To ensure MacOS Capability, its always a good way to format your pen drive or external hard drive. The way to pen drive in Mac OS is not similar to how you... Read more »

Why & How to clear cache in Mac OS & iOS Safari ?

Safari is the built-in browser in Mac OS & iOS which is pretty popular among Apple products users. The first time you visit any site, the browser will save information from the site so that... Read more »

How to Turn Your Mac Into a Wi-Fi Hotspot

The MacOS can separately act as a Wifi Hotspot and can share internet connectivity to devices via Wifi/Bluetooth. This is similar to the Personal Hotspot/Tethering that we normally do in our smartphones.... Read more »