iOS 12 features that will be really useful

Apple has released the developer’s beta for the iOS 12 operating system. Even though it pains me to say this, iOS is adopting a couple of really good features from Android. There are a lot of tiny tweaks here and there which seem to be really useful.

iOS 12 features that will be really useful

Stop USB Accessories while the phone is locked

Settings -> Touch ID & Passcode -> USB Accessories.

This feature allows users to allow/not allow any usb devices connecting to the iPhone while it is locked. This makes your device more secure.

ios 12 features

SMS Autofill

This is one of the features that I have been waiting for a long time. Whenever you use OTP for any verification, the keyboard automatically picks the OTP from the received SMS.

Group FaceTime up to 32 members

Group FaceTime has been newly introduced in iOS 12.

Smarter Siri Notifications

ios 12 features

As we all know, Siri had to step up its game in the whole Digital Assistant genre. Apple has taken efforts to bring that into existence. Siri provides smart suggestions for users by understanding routine habits of the end users throughout the day like reminding to text someone, listen to music etc.,

Do Not Disturb

Do Not disturb gets a new refresh with a couple of new features. This is one of the highlights of iOS 12.

ios 12 features       ios 12 features


This is something similar to Google’s Well Being initiative to make sure the digital usage of end user is monitored and make sure that digital usage should improve life and not distract from it.

ios 12 features           ios 12 features

Apple News

Apple News get a new revamp bringing in new newspaper vendors and also a redesigned interface for better readability and ease to use.

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