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Youtube is telling you to take a break

Seriously, you got to take a break. Google, as part of its newest range of new concepts, features and ideas, has come up with a lot of new features for the digital wellbeing of the end users. Been spending too much time watching God-knows-what videos ? This new feature called Take a break will come off as a great feature. Sundhar Pichai, explained about a lot of features in Android P, which would help you manage and visualize your digital footprint in a single day.

This new feature allows you to tell the app to remind you to take a short break after watching youtube videos for a specific amount of time. Also, this feature is set to Never by default. So, the user has to force setup to use this feature.

How to enable Take a Break feature

Open Youtube. Go to Settings.

Select Remind me to take a break. In the sub menu, Choose the specific time after watching videos you want to be reminded to take a break.


When you get a notification, it will be something like this. As soon as the notification is shown, the video is paused and if unnoticed, the phone gets locked as well.

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Also, you can dismiss the notification to take a break and continue watching if interested. Settings can also be changed from the same screen.

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