Whatsapp Group Chats gets some new improvements

WhatsApp has rolled out the new features in Group Chats earlier this week. In a blog post, features including admin privileges and catching up with mentions in the group are mentioned as part of the new release.

Whatsapp Group Chats gets some new improvements

Group Admins can now set up info about a group more than just a name like purpose, guidelines and topics. So, when a new person is added to the group, he/she gets to see it at the top of the chat.

There is a new control that enables group admins to allow who can/cannot change the group information.


If you have been away from a group chat for a while, quickly go through the messages that mentions you by tapping @ that appears at the bottom.

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There is a new search option to search for the participants in the group.


Also, Group Admins can never be removed from the group they created.

The advent of WhatsApp to make improvements in corners of the application to make it a better platform for messaging is very commendable. Its a great way to reach the next billions users.


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