Know all about the new Gmail features

Google has recently released a newer version of Gmail with advanced AI features that helps the users to communicate better. The features include snooze, Confidential mode, Smart Compose, Smart Reply and some offline support.

Know all about the new Gmail features


Snooze feature is the traditional feature but for email. Placing your mouse over email will show some options like delete, archive and also a clock-looking called Snooze. Clicking on that will open a popver will options to change the date & time as when you will be snoozed.

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new gmail features

Confidential Mode

This is probably the best of all the new features in the email client. Gmail will now allow you to send email in confidential mode with extra layers of security. Mails sent through confidential mode cannot be forwarded or copied, saved or printed. Also, the sender can enable new layer of protection by enabling Require Passcode feature in the email.  This will force the receiver of the email to authenticate himself/herself by entering SMS passcode.

new gmail features

The confidential mode could be found in the Compose section at the bottom bar along with text formatting features.

new gmail features

Smart Reply

Smart Reply saves you time by suggesting quick responses to your messages. These replies are suggested based on the content of the email you received. As you can see in the message below, suggestions like Thanks a lot, Thanks. Received are suggested by Gmail.

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Smart Compose 

Similar to Smart Reply, users are given suggestions to finish sentences. As you start typing, the suggested text will appear in the background of your email in a lighter text color. Apparently, people across the world are adapting to this feature very fast and making good use of it.

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new gmail features    new gmail features

As soon as the suggestion is shown in the Compose, you can press Tab and the suggestion is added to the current email.

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