3D Touch features

How to make good use of 3D Touch features in iOS?

The 3D Touch was introduced back in iPhone 6s. The problem with 3D Touch features is that not a lot of users are aware of the options that are brought by this new feature. So, its fair to call 3d Touch an underrated feature.

How to make good use of 3D Touch features in iOS?

So, for anyone out there who is not aware of what 3D Touch is, It is a pressure sensitive touch feature that enables iOS and the apps to have specific features. Basically when you press harder on the screen, there could be an option entirely different from tapping on the screen.

Prioritise Downloads of Apps while updating

This is probably the best 3D Touch feature. Normally when we update the installed apps, we choose Update All in App Store. All the apps are updated in order but sometimes you might have to wait to use any app in the list until the whole update finishes. If you are someone who is impatient, you can 3D Touch the downloading/waiting app and choose Prioritise Download from the menu.

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3D Touch Features

App Groups with Notifications

You can 3D Touch an App group and if any app in the group has notifications it will be shown in the 3D Touch of the App Group.

3D Touch Features

Move Cursor in the text very fast

While typing, if you want to move to any point in the text, hard press on the keyboard and move the finger left or right to move the cursor to any point in the text.

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3D Touch Features

Clear Notifications

As the name suggests, hard press on the on the top of notifications and choose Clear Notifications.

3D Touch Features

Control Centre Options

Most of the options in the control centre has a 3D Touch features like Torch, Volume, WiFi, Mobile Data and many other.

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3D Touch Features

App 3D Touch menu

The Developers of iOS apps also have access to setting 3D Touch feature for their own apps. Even iOS default apps have them as well.

3D Touch Features

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