google slides tips and tricks

4 Google Slides Tips and Tricks that you should know

Google Slides is pacing in today’s world to replace the good old Microsoft Excel as a Office Productivity tool. Since its free of cost and part of the Google Community, millions of users are using it extensively.  Here are four Google Slides tips that will change will presentation game.

4 Google Slides Tips and Tricks that you should know

Adjust Font Size with Keyboard Shortcut

There are a very large collection of keyboard shortcuts that will help you to get things done in Google Slides. Go to Help -> Keyboard Shortcuts. To increase/decrease font size in the slides, highlight the text, Choose Command + Shift + <(decrease)/>(increase).

google slides tips and tricks

Dictate Text into your Slides

There is a new way to add text into Google Slides. Choose Tools -> Voice type speaker notes. A Microphone control appears and Click to speak. You will able to dictate text to the slides. You no longer can rely on your fingers to do the presentation job.

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google slides tips and tricks                   google slides tips and tricks

Editing Master

Editing Master is a feature that allows you to do common changes to all the slides in the presentation. This mainly includes appearance related changes. Go to Slide -> Edit Master.

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google slides tips and tricks

 Zoom In and Out

This is a basic feature to zoom in and out of your presentation window. Choose Command + Shift and -/+. You will see the zoom dialog box at the top as well.

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google slides tips and tricks

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