TinyCards by DuoLingo – Future of learning

I am always fanatic about companies, platforms and products that help people improve skill sets like Lynda, Udemy, Udacity, DuoLingo, Memrise and many more. I personally use most of these tools to gather knowledge. The latest addition to this list would be Tinycards by DuoLingo.
Much after the great success and accomplishment of DuoLingo, the language learning platform has taken another step into learning with Tinycards. Initially launched only as an iOS app in July 2016, Tinycards is expanding to Web.
Tinycards is a flashcard application which allows you to create flashcards on information on a specific topic or idea which itself becomes a learning deck for users. The idea might seem like a simple thing as of now. Since the content is mostly created by its users, time will obviously answer how big of a platform its gonna grow into.
If you have used TinyCards in iOS, the web gives a similar feel. The overall design and structure is as simple and elegant as DuoLingo. The users can practice the cards again and again to remember any topic.

Users can use the DuoLingo login to use Tinycards but the user profiles are totally from the language learning platform. This clearly indicates that the company is planning not to merge their products and keep them aside as individual tools.


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