How to find out if someone else is using your Facebook account ?

Do you want to know if someone else is using your Facebook account and keeping silent about it? There’s a way to find out from which device & location that person is accessing it.
Open Facebook. Click on the dropdown menu on the top right corner. Select Settings.
On the left pane, Choose Security. On choosing that, you will find an option “Where You’re Logged in“.
Click on the Edit option. You will able to see all the open sessions of your Facebook Account. All the desktop devices, apps, iOS, Android devices logged in.
If there is any device which you don’t know, (and I hope for you there isn’t) that device is probably the culprit. You can stop that activity immediately by selecting End Activity.
God forbid, if you find any device which is not yours, that actually means that the person who logged in knows your password. The next thing you have to do is to change your login password. If you don’t know how to do that, follow these steps.
Select the General Tab on the side pane in the Settings page.
Choose the Edit button near the password section.
You can change your password here.
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