How to change Language in Windows 10?

If you are someone who prefers a different language other than English, this is how you change the display language in Windows 10 Operating system. Windows 10 allows the users to download additional languages other than english and use it as display language.

How to change Language in Windows 10? 

Click on the Start Menu. Type “Settings” in the search option. Open Settings.

Choose the option Time & Language in the Settings App.

On the side pan, choose Region & Language. Under the languages section, you will find English as the Windows display language and an option to add a new language called “Add a language“. Click on that option.

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It will lead you to another screen with the list of all the languages that are available to download. Select the required language and it will be added to your preferences and will start downloading.

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Select on the language that you would want to select as the display language and you will find three options to Set as Default, Remove and Options. Options will give you information about the language and option to add shortcuts for that specific language.

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