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10 Apps every College Student must use

College students today are lucky enough to use technology to carry out their daily business. Thousands of tools and platforms are available which will help you to be a better student. All you have to know is what are those and how to make the best out of it. Here, I have compiled a list of ten apps that will ease your work in college life.


1) Google Drive

Google Drive is one of the top players in the Cloud Storage industry. If you are student who is afraid of losing your notes or coursework, you no longer have to. You can upload photos, documents, videos in the cloud and access them whenever its necessary in any platform. Its totally and you can check it out here.


2) Any.Do

If you are a person who is so certain that you won’t forget your daily chores and tasks, 90% of the time you actually do. So, keeping a task manager is a good idea. Any.Do is the best which I use everyday.

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Its available in Android, iOS, browser extension and also in Web version. The applications works with other apps like Google Calendar, Microsoft Exchange, iCloud etc.,  Also, this packs a lot of features like voice capture, smart suggest etc., 

3) DuoLingo

DuoLingo is the famous language learning which is the best platform ever. The people behind has put forth some serious effort in making the app understandable and interactive with a pleasing UI, UX. (cheers to the Developers).

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The application is available in Web, iOS, Android and Windows Platform. The Web Application is a single page app written in Meteor.js.

4) Chegg

Chegg is a book company started in 2007 that buys and rents textbooks. They also provide homework help, course organization, scheduling and help find students scholarships. Chegg also started a Chegg for Good program which helps students to improve the cities that they live in.

5) RealCalc

This is a Scientific Calculator app that every student should use. It is one of the best out there which great reviews. If you are a student, you will always need a calculator to get through subjects like Math and many more. The app is very simple to use and has a clean UI.

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6) TED

TED provides high quality videos of different conferences held in different parts of the world. TED videos are from business experts, educators, computer geniuses, music legends, and many other interesting people around the world. It is available for Android/iOS and also in youtube. 


7) iTunes U

If you are student who uses Apple devices, you can use iTunes U which gives you access to educational resources from major universities across the globe. So download this app to learn more and be an effective college student.

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8) Evernote

Evernote provides a single workspace to create, manage, present and organize notes in a systematic way. The app allows to add images, videos and audio to the notes. It includes presentation options directly to other people from the app. This application is available across Web, Desktop and Mobile devices.

9) MailBox

Many students today don’t even care about maintaining a proper email communication client. If you are a student, its always good to keep an organized email. Email clients play a major role in keeping your emails clean. Mailbox is a great option with rich user interface and features.


10) Monefy

College students always have a hard time managing their finances whether its debt or daily expenses.

Monefy is a great tool to use to manage your expenses. It has a machine learning feature that learns from the way you spend and gives you valuable suggestions to maintain your future expenses.

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