Review: KitchenStories for iOS, Android and the Web

The app that we are going to look today is one of the most unique and hottest application in the world today. Its the coolest cooking tutorial that you will ever find. KitchenStories is not only available for mobile but also for the Web. You can check it out here. Its probably one of the best recipe apps. 

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The app has a very elegant UX design. The minimalistic approach and the white theme gives the app a clean and crispy look and feel.

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KitchenStories helps you to learn how to cook and expand your cooking knowledge by trying new dishes every week. This is loved by millions of people all around you. The video content in the app are properly shot, elegant and easy to follow. 

The App’s feed shows you to the latest recipes, Today’s Story and many more. The search option allows you to search for dishes, ingredients etc., 

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Every recipe will have a how-to-do video, Nutrition level, Steps with pictures, ratings, comments, Ingredients etc., You can also add the recipe to the shopping list. 

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When you do, the ingredients are added to the shopping list tab. Also, you have a profile tab with recipes you like and cookbooks that you create. 

I would highly recommend this to my friends. Give it a try. 

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