How to find Image EXIF details in Mac OS?

EXIF is “Exchangeable Image File” format/data.  All camera(s) depending on make and model will be recording some form of this data. It will have information regarding the settings that was applied while taking the respective image. 

The Exif will tell you what the photographer has used to achieve the image and give you some idea what it takes to put together a gorgeous photograph.

How to find Image EXIF details in Mac OS?
Open the Image. The image will be opened in the Mac OS default Image Viewer application “Preview”.
Click on the Tools menu. Choose Show Inspector. This will open up a menu like the one below.
Choose the second tab (More Info) in that window. That more info will have a sub tabs like General, Exif, JFIF, TIFF. Select the second tab “Exif“.
This will give all the necessary EXIF details of that image.
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