Amazon Chime: Yet another Video Conferencing tool

On Valentine’s day, Amazon has come up with yet another cloud based video conferencing tool similar to Skype, Microsoft Sync, Cisco Spark, WebEx, Google Hangouts. Chime is believed to make video conferencing easy-to-use, less expensive and accommodate all necessary tasks needless to say making video conferencing “pain-free“.
Amazon is planning to sell Chime to business customers as a Pro product. As of now, 30 days of free Pro trial is available for users and beyond the trial period, users can continue to use Chime Basic.


Anything more than calling and setting meeting will cost you $2.50 per user per month. If u opt for a Pro version, a subscription free of $15 per user will cost for every month.

The App is available in four platforms: Windows, Mac, iOS, Android.
The pro-version is packed with features like Active Directory integration, VoIP support, email domain activations, custom URLs and many more.
Check the Official Website of Amazon Chime for more info. (

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