Windows 10 Series : How to Personalize Lock Screen ??

In this one, we are going to have a detailed look on the Lock Screen of the Windows 10 and the tweaks in it. Until Now, the Lock personalization has been always through third party tools and also Registry Editing. For the first time, Windows has brought customisation option in the 10. 

Here’s a detailed idea about the new Lock Screen 

The Lock Screen of the Windows 10 could be customized. Background Image could be specifically setup for the Lock Screen. 

Also you could customize to view certain notification tiles of the applications you want to be displayed on the Lock Screen. 

For example, the Mail tile displays a number that notifies you how many new emails are currently unread. There’s also tiles for Calendar, People, Skype and more — depending on your how your device or computer is set up.

Also you will find options to set Screen Timeout and also Screen Saver Settings

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