How to change your account picture in Windows 10

The picture of the user logged onto the computer is associated with the user account created in the OS. Until windows 8 , you can change your picture by going to control panel->user account-> change display picture. 

But in windows 10, there are alternate options to change. If you have logged on to windows 10 with  a Microsoft account, then your account picture that you have setup in will bring up in all of your windows 10 devices automatically. Everyone across the web who is your contact will be able to see it.  

The default user account picture images are stored in the path below : 

 %ProgramData%\Microsoft\Default Account Pictures

Your current user account picture is stored in the path below : 

 C:\Users\Public\Public Account Pictures\S-1-5-21…….(GUID for user account)

Source : 

To change your picture using account settings , follow the steps below : 

Open the Start menu, 

Click/tap on your Account at the top left,  and select Account Settings.

In the account settings window, the first screen will show the account picture. Below that there will be an option to browse. Click on that and select the picture you want to use. 

And that’s how you change your Picture in your windows 10.

There will an alternate option to take a picture using the webcam. You can also try that. 

There is also another option to use Video as a account picture – which is lame, so I am not gonna talk about that. 

The other way is to change the Microsoft account picture by logging on to the Microsoft account & then changing it from there. 

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