Review: TunnelBear – Free VPN app for Android

Hey guys, back in a new post of An App a Day. The App of the day would be Tunnel Bear. Though the name sounds a little weird, this is one app of its kind that is of the best use especially for Indian Users. 

I personally use this device for many purposes. TunnelBear offers free VPN service upto 500MB usage / month. Earlier versions of Tunnel Bear allowed only US an UK servers. 
The application can also be downloaded from the official webpage of TunnelBear. The application is available for Android, PC, MAC, iphone and iPad. 
The new version offers a wide range of servers all around the world. I installed Spotify Music in my Android Device using the VPN server provided by TunnelBear. 

Whoever uses any tech gadget has an tendency not to read any prompt that shows in the screen of computer or mobile device. All we want is, the prompt should disappear. 
But in this case, you may have to read because you allow the application to intercept the network traffic. As soon as you configure TunnelBear in your device,  the application spots your position in the globe as the default location (as you see in the second image above – My Location is Bangalore) 

 All you have to do is choose one specific tunnel by going around the world map. Clicking on the tunnel will create a tunnel from your location to the particular tunnel (US – in the images ). 

I have chose US tunnel in the pictures. As soon as the tunnel is connected, the app connects the network of the device through the particular server. 

You have various option or locations to chose all around the world as you can see above in the images. As of now, the application provides 500MB free usage per month. If you tweet about this application , you will get 1GB usage limit. 
I use this application very often for accessing many websites and applications that are restricted in our Country (Racists).
I would highly recommend this application to a friend. 

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  • nice info.

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  • For me Hide My IP works pretty well and dirt cheap than tunnelbear ($2.95/month). I have been using Tunnelbear, but after Netflix's restriction, I switched to Hide My IP….. It still works fine with Netflix 😉

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