Review: MusiXmatch – Music & Lyric Player for Android

Hey Guys, back in another version of An app a Day. Today’s application would be MusiXmatch. I have been looking for a nice Music Player. I tried Google Music and many other applications. One of my friend suggested Musixmatch to me. Tried it. Loved it.

The Application is available free for download in the Google Play Store. The Application has a very high rating among millions of users around the world. 
You can download it from here : 

I have personally used this application and I am giving this clear sketch of the application with screenshots. I have been using this application for the past 9 months. Till date I have not faced any issues with this application. No freezing, Not even a single glitch. Perfection Application I would Say.

Though people prefer Material Design these days, the User Interface of this application is pretty much nice and classy. An enhanced material design version would be the coolest thing if its showing up in the future.

Another Best thing about this application is the Lyric Player. MusixMatch pulls up the lyrics for most of the songs in the world. The best part is, this application brings lyrics for regional songs too. In the case of regional songs, the app pulls up lyrics for mostly recent songs.

Also the Floating lyrics runs according to the song. The transition is perfect according to the rhythm of the song ( which is amazing by the way !!!!!!). If the mobile is connected to the network, the application also pulls up the lyrics even when you play music in the mobile’s default music player.

If you dont want the floating lyrics bar, you can click on the top left corner, which will turn the lyric window to a circular thing which you can push to the bottom to close it.

The Floating Lyric bar of MusixMatch helps the users to view the lyrics even when you are working on something else.

The application lists the music as albums, genres, artists and also according to the location where the music files are stored in the computer. Also the floating lyric will stay in the notification bar as an ongoing thing which is kind of annoying.

Otherwise I would give a 5.0 instead of 4.98

Hope this was useful

See You Soon.

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