Review: CamScanner – Scan photos with your Android Camera

Sup Guys, another post on An app, a Day. Today’s app would be CamScanner. This is one of the best apps ever in mobile platform. Scanning has always been a big pain in the ass. People charge so much to scan a document.
This wonderful app by IntSig Information Co., Ltd is has reached heights in office environments. The company has also made quite a lot of apps about which hopefully will talk in the future posts of this series.
I have been using this app for months now and my personal opinion would be “Amazing” (“saves money”). I analyzed the output image to know the quality. I checked it with photoshop. Its pretty much near to an originally scanned copy. More or less, the best application ever I would say. 

The application uses awesome and unique algorithm to convert your camera image into a scanned image. Perfection is the speciality of this android application. 
The application has an inbuilt camera that allows you to take the image of the document you are scanning. Both flash and non flash are allowed. 
As soon as you take the picture, the app takes you to the crop screen where you can crop the image as required. 

After the crop screen, tap the tick button on the bottom right corner of the screen. The it will take you to the next screen where you select the preset like auto, lighten, black and white etc.,

It also allows you to change the brightness, contrast, shadows and many other image features. 

And then move on to the next screen, the image gets saved in the application. You get many options to share the images like saving it to gallery, saving it as pdf, saving many scans together as pdfs etc., 
In a single word, this is one of the best android apps ever. 
Love it. 
See you Soon !!!!
Lynn Joseph 

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