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Hey guys, nice to be back in another posts of MustVisit. In this one, I am going to suggest you guys a website created by an Indian named Amit Agarwal.

This particular website allows the users to download the entire screenshot of any webpage in High Resolution. People might ask, why would someone require the screenshot of any webpage. Screw them !! I personally find this website creative and awesome. I appreciate Amit for this work.

All  you have to do is copy paste the URL of any site or page and the website will give you a high resolution image of the website page to download in PNG format with a file size more than 1000KB.

Click D
Copy paste the required Link in the Enter URL option as you see in the image above. 

Click Download Image.

 As soon as you click the Download option, The file gets downloaded as you can see in the image below. 
 I have attached the image of our blog below. Its small to look but its really very clear image. 

Hope this was useful 

See You Soon !!!!

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