Review: Sunrise Calendar – Best Calendar App for Android

Hey guys, its been a while since an app post. I was roaming around the Play Store looking for a Calendar app and found this.

Good rating, considerable number of downloads convinced me to give it a try. I installed it, using it now and I recommend it. I bet you wont regret.

This is one of the amazing calendar apps with an awesome UX interface and design.

There was recent update like 15 days before fixing certain bugs. This application allows you to add your social net work accounts like facebooks google+ and iCloud account (for mac users and nude photos enthusiasts)

The application allows the new users to connect or join the Sunrise Calendar by using either one of the Google+, Facebook or your mail ID. Access of information by the application is initially requested to you. Hitting OK will continue the process of Calendar use. 

The above images clearly shows the Calendar page and the settings tab. You can also add multiple accounts other than the primary account that you use to start using the Sunrise Calendar. 

The calendar pulls out Birthdays and events from the Facebook. 

Even if you are using the app in Android, you can also import reminders from your iCloud account. Also the calendar can be viewed in two modes; the Calendar view and also the timeline view. Just swiping the calendar to the left will bring the new mode of view from the right.

Hope this was useful. 

Lots more coming soon!!!

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