How To : Disable AeroShake effect in Windows 7

The Aero Experience included in Windows 7 is a new visual and usage enhancing feature which allows you to minimize windows by shaking them back & forth. This keeps the active window alone on the screen and minimizes all the other windows. 

This feature can save you time if you want to focus on a single window without minimizing all your other open windows one by one. You can then restore all of those windows by shaking the open window again.

But many of us find it annoying and of no use. So here’s how you are going to disable the Aero experience –  Shake & Minimize Feature in Windows 7.  

Steps : 

1) Open the Run Windows By Pressing WinKey + R or searching “RUN” in Start Menu. 

2) Type “regedit” in the run window and then Click OK. (without quotes) 
3) The Registry Editor Windows Opens Up with Tabs at the left and Contents on the Right. Through the Tabs go to the following branch of Files. 


 4) As soon as you reach the Windows File, right click on it and then select New – > DWORD (32 Bit) Value. 

That will create a new file on the right side contents windows. 

5) Enter the Name “NoWindowMinimizingShortcuts” and enter the value to be “1”. 

6) Close the Registry Editor and Restart the system. On Restart You will find that the Shake & Minimize option is no longer enabled. 

Hope this was useful.

See You Soon !!!

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