Best Android Apps of the week – July

And now, its been a new month and the whole world is anticipated about the new Google Lollipop version update and everyone has started asking,”What’s new?!?!”. Anticipation leads to knowledge and I myself thought of bringing you some of the best android apps for this week. Here is a small list of those. 

1)Google Slides: 

This new application from Google allows you to create, edit and collaborate with others on presentations from your android phone. You can also edit slides created from other softwares like Microsoft PowerPoint etc., This application works both offline and online. Autosaving option is also available in this one. 

2) Path Talk 

Talk is a new messenger from Path available for Android and iPhone. Replace SMS and Facebook with Path Talk to message friends, family, and groups for free. Messages you send in Path Talk are automatically erased from our servers 24 hours after you send them, so you can now be yourself in conversations.

3) Bright Nest

Keep your home in great shape without breaking a sweat! BrightNest helps you tackle important tasks with our home tips, personal schedule and helpful reminders. From simple cleaning tricks to interior design ideas, we deliver everything you need to shape up your home and simplify your life!

Car Music is designed to make listening to music in your car safer and easier with custom designed screens, large and easy to press buttons, bluetooth and gesture controls. The Car Music player has a specially designed interface that will let you listen to your tunes while driving easy and safe, for all your Car Tunes give Car Music player a try.

See You Soon !!!
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