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Not all characters are present in the keyboards of our PC like smiley, different emoticons, expressions. We do have symbol combination for smiley and all. But they can be used only in social networks and all. What if you want to use them in your email or a document you create using Microsoft Word??? What if you want Rupee Symbol and you dont have it in your keyboard?

We have an awesome solution!!! There’s a lot of website which are unique and intentionally very useful but they mostly go unnoticed. The application or the information might be a small or less but we always forget that they might help us when we are totally stuck somewhere we feel like lost in the dark.
One of them is CopyPasteCharacter.  To view this website , click here. This website allows you to copy and paste a lot of symbols, mathematical expressions, directions etc., in one click and use them in your document by just pasting them.
CopyPasteCharacter.com Home Page
The website facilitates the user to select among various sets of symbols like All Characters, Alphabetical Order, Arrows, Classic, Currency, Graphic Shapes, Mathematics, Numerics etc.,
Different sets of symbols
You can jus click on them. On clicking Yellow highlighting blinks over the character suggesting that they character have been added to the clipboard. Then Copy them to the document you want them to be added by Right Click->Paste or Ctrl+V.
Also there is an app for you iOS which helps you to use the website stuff in your Apple Mobile Platform.
Hope this is helpful to all of you. See You Soon with another interesting and useful article.

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